Supporting and Engaging with the Jewish Community in London

Our goal is to promote an understanding of the Jewish experience & combat intolerance towards minority communities. We want to offer new & potential members ways to find a comfortable place for themselves in West London synagogue.

Supporting and Engaging with the Jewish Community in London

Our goal is to promote an understanding of the Jewish experience and to combat intolerance towards Jewish and other minority communities. We want to offer new and potential members a variety of ways to find a comfortable place for themselves in the West London synagogue. It is essential that we do not let Jewish communities shrink due to a lack of participation by young adults, or let future generations of youth movements disappear without established structures. We must take action to make a difference in the world, on a large scale, even as beacons of kindness.

We must create clear paths for participation after young people, who respect our age groups, who need to progress in our careers and family lives, but that leave room for volunteering and learning. Gemilut Chasadim: The LJS fosters meaningful relationships through pastoral care and spiritual encounter, and promotes social networks between generations and between religions and cultures. Research shows that Jews often celebrate Shabbat (20%) or sometimes (19%) in a way that is meaningful to them. This could include traditional practices such as resting, attending church services, or lighting candles. It could also involve meeting friends or doing community service.

Celebrating Shabbat in a way that has personal meaning is more common among Jews by religion than among Jews without religion. It is also more common among married Jews (marriages between people of the same religion) than among those who are married to non-Jewish spouses. And it's more common among Orthodox Jews and less common among those with no denominational ties.


is an organization that brings together the many Jewish youth movements. It also acts as the main provider of safeguarding experience and training in the Jewish community.

The Adam Scientific Leadership Program is specifically designed for emerging leaders and aims to launch talented individuals into lay and professional leadership roles within the Jewish community. Mike Mendoza brings a wealth of Jewish experience to his role as program director at Junction, a pan-European JDC initiative that seeks to empower young Jews to participate in European Jewish life. I was born and raised in North West London and, like most of the London-based Jewish community, I still live here today. Major donors to Jewish causes are increasingly funding nonprofit organizations that promote commitment to Jewish life in specific ways. By leaving a legacy to the Jewish Museum, you'll help preserve Jewish culture, history, and heritage for future generations. Some Jewish community leaders have wondered if Jews married to each other, Jews from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and Jews who have family members from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds might avoid synagogues because they don't feel welcome.

These exhibitions explore Jewish identity within a multicultural society, as well as the experiences of migration and settlement shared by many ethnic minority communities. In addition to synagogues, many other organizations are trying to attract young Jewish adults, families with children, married couples, and other hard-to-reach segments of the population. One Jewish place of worship that never had a traditional fee-based membership structure is Sixth & I, a synagogue and cultural center in Washington D. C.We can also look back at some inspiring figures from our past such as Sir Moses Montefiore (1858-193); Lily Montagu (1873-196), whose spiritual influence on the beginnings of the liberal Jewish movement was considerable; Rabbi Dr. Israel Mattuck (1883-195), the first rabbi of the LJS; an ardent and eloquent preacher. Respondents who are religious Jews are much more inclined than non-religious Jews to participate in activities related to their faith.

It also goes beyond the Jewish community to work with people of all faiths or without faith through the Out & About Club and the LJS Drop-in for Asylum Seeker Families.

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